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Press Releases

My Copper Heelers (A customer's poem)

A friend bought copper heelers
And wore them every day
Then phoned to say “Do get some”
The take the pain away

I sent for some nest morning
And ordered several pairs
I’m walking so much better now
And managing the stairs

I trekked round Enys Gardens
The bluebell sight to see
No walking stick, no limp no pain
A huge relief for me

When young I rode a push bike
Twas downhill to the town
But coming home with shopping
My knees would let me down

I swopped it for a moped
The knee pain went away
But I got old and creaky
And pain came back to stay

I couldn’t sleep because of pain
I’d toss from left to right
The pain was less if I lay flat
But then I’d snore all night

Each day I take the paper
Up to a neighbours flat
There’s fourteen steps to climb, quite steep
I’m coping well with that.

Before my copper heelers
I wished then wished some more
That builders had installed a lift
To take me to her door

Arthritis is an old complaint
As ancient as the hills
There’s steroid jabs and ops of course
And swallowing more pills

‘Tis Magic is this copper
When worn beneath the feet
I’m telling folk about it
Because it works a treat.

I feel so very thankful
For heelers in my shoes
I recommend you try them
You really cannot lose.

B Edwards
Summer 2018

What The Experts Say

Unbelievable results from trials carried out on my patients.
Charles Goldman M.Inst.Ch.P D.Ch.M - Chiropodist
My patients have been overjoyed with the results, noticing a vast improvement in their joint health.
Miss B.J. AndrewsLondon BSc(Hons) Ost Med, DO, ND. - Osteopath
I have worn a copper bracelet for years but now find the Copper Heelers far more effective and discreet.
DR. K.J. HendersonRheumatology Reseacher

The Original Copper Heeler

The amazing Copper Heeler can potentially relieve the discomfort and help with the symptoms of crippling Arthritis

The Impact of Copper Inserts in Relieving Joint Pain

tony_andrews_220"I was passionate to find a drug free solution to stop the crippling pain of this "quality-of-life" destroying disease. 45 years experience enabled me to develop "The Original Copper Heeler"®. Thousands of customers Worldwide are now living their lives pain free."

Anthony Andrews