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Unbelievable results from trials carried out on my patients.
Charles Goldman M.Inst.Ch.P D.Ch.M - Chiropodist
My patients have been overjoyed with the results, noticing a vast improvement in their joint health.
Miss B.J. AndrewsLondon BSc(Hons) Ost Med, DO, ND. - Osteopath
I have worn a copper bracelet for years but now find the Copper Heelers far more effective and discreet.
DR. K.J. HendersonRheumatology Reseacher

The Original Copper Heeler

The amazing Copper Heeler can potentially relieve the discomfort and help with the symptoms of crippling Arthritis

The Impact of Copper Inserts in Relieving Joint Pain

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tony_andrews_220“I was passionate to find a drug free solution to stop the crippling pain of this “quality-of-life” destroying disease. 45 years experience enabled me to develop “The Original Copper Heeler”®. Thousands of customers Worldwide are now living their lives pain free.”

Anthony Andrews