I am an active person who likes walking. We live on the famous Antrim Coast Road and my husband and I start our day by walking to the Black Arch and back each morning. I have always enjoyed good health and have never been in hospital apart from the birth of our three children.

In April/May I was really upset to find that I was suffering from pain in my right knee. It was so stiff when I sat down and I dreaded having to stand up. It also made me think twice about walking or doing anything active. This was completely foreign to me as I was used to coming and going as I pleased. I went to see my GP who sent me for an X-ray and the diagnosis was osteoarthritis in that knee. I was despairing of leading my life again in the manner to which I was used.

Then my husband saw an advertisement in the newspaper for the Copper Heelers I telephoned for a pair straightaway, put them in my sandals and I am now pain free and back to walking as usual.

I have told all my friends who suffer from arthritis I just cannot praise the Copper Heelers enough.

Mrs. Y.C., Co.Antrim.