Over the past few years I have been getting pains in my toes. This began as an intermittent pain but had become a daily occurrence and extremely painful (I can only describe it as my toes being held in a vice!!)

I went to my doctor who did some tests but could not find anything only saying that it may be arthritis I was more or less told I would have to put up with it. The only way I could relieve the pain was by removing my shoes.

I then read about your product in a magazine article and decided to try it. After three days of wearing the heelers the pain disappeared (as did my aching knee and still fingers) I really could not believe it and have now recommended them to my husband, mother and aunt who all suffer from arthritis and have found varying degrees of relief from the heelers.

From being in pain daily I now only get the occasional twinge and best of all I can keep my shoes on!!

Yours very gratefully

Mrs. S.H., Lancs.