I have had Arthritis in my right knee for approx. 4 years, very painful, I could hardly drive to work in the mornings, my job was driving a crane, so I had to give up work at 64 years of age.

One day I read about a heater called Bio Lamp, 3 weeks free trial, so I tried it out, after 3 weeks my pain had gone so I used it for 3 years.

About 2 months ago we decided to visit our son in Northern India, but I was concerned about taking this bulky heater all the way.

The day after I read in my Daily Express of the Copper Miracle Insoles, well I thought the answer to my prayers, as you see I am a Christian, so God answered my prayers. Three weeks before we went to India I purchased the Copper Insoles and lo and behold 3 weeks time the pains had gone in my knee, my hip and calves, a Miracle indeed.

So now does anyone want to buy a heater called bio lamp Ha Ha!

By the way my son has a bad ankle so I left a pair of Miracle Insoles in The Himalayas I hope he will feel the benefit as much as I have.

I belong to a male voice choir and anyone of my singing friends who complain of any pain I recommend them, I am telling everyone about the Miracle, they have been such a comfort to me.

Mr. P.Y. Mid.Glam.