I have been using Copper Heelers for some years now – I don’t know how they work, but then I don’t need to, I just know that they work for me and relieve me of joint pain in my ankles.

I have mine on a shoe insert which I move from shoe to shoe and really notice the difference if I go without them.

The other thing is that they are really comfortable to wear. I would have imagined that having a piece of metal in my shoe would not be – I have even, recently, put an arch support under the copper heelers as I am flat footed, but they are still comfortable to wear.

I have tried other things like Glucosamine Sulphate which many people swear by, but I seem to get better relief from these Copper Heelers.

Thank you Orthotics for advertising where I would see them and decide to buy them.

Mr. M.W. London.