Iíve had problems with a painful ankle since Christmas 2006. This pain at times progressed to my knee and the net result of both was a substantial limp and a limit to my walking ability.

By February 2007, with no improvement, I visited my GP who advised patience and painkillers. Allowing for the temporary respite due to painkillers nothing changed and with a holiday in Madeira looming I was quite concerned.

As a last resort, almost, I decided with some scepticism to try your Copper Heelers. After about 4 days I noticed a slight improvement but was still taking painkillers. I stopped the medication and the improvement in mobility continued, prompting my order for a second pair.

By the time we went on holiday in early May my mobility was back to normal. Madeira is renowned for steep walks and I have dealt with these, hundreds of steps and cobbles without any problem.

I can still hardly believe how beneficial Copper Heelers have proved to be and would not hesitate to recommend them to anyone with similar difficulties (in fact I have already done so!) I remain quite amazed at the effect of your product.

Mr. J.P., Newcastle Upon Tyne.