I was given a pair of copper inserts by a friend to see if they would help with pain associated with my osteoarthritis.

I had already had two successful hip replacements over the last two years but was now suffering with knee pain.

I had been wearing the copper inserts for about 3 weeks in my trainers, when we had the first heavy snow fall of the year.

As I was going in and out of the house in the snow I stopped wearing my trainers, substituting boots for outside and then changing into my slippers when I came in, forgetting all about the inserts.

After about a week, I was aware of sharp pains in both my knees, especially going up and down stairs.

This became so painful that I thought I would be back at the doctors and have to consider more surgery, then I realised that I had stopped wearing my trainers with the copper inserts.

After one day of wearing them round the house, instead of the slippers, the sharp pain had gone and I was able to manage again. Such a simple solution!

I would therefore have no hesitation in recommending them as an aid for arthritic pain.

Mrs. H.G.M. West Midlands.