I am a 78 year old who served in the Royal Artillery (The Gunners) for 40 years. For 32 years of that period I served at regimental duty, played all sports and leading a very rigorous and normal active military life. So I was a prime candidate for arthritis in later years.

About 8 months ago my wife saw an advertisement in the Daily Express recommending “The Original Copper Heeler” and despite my scepticism, ordered a pair for me.

I have been wearing them continually for the last 8 months and despite my initial reservation, they have completely cured the excruciating pain I had from my arthritis. Especially in my hands, knees, ankles and elbows.

I would strongly recommend the use of “The Original Copper Heeler” for anyone that suffers from arthritis.

Mr. D.B. Wales.