I would like to say I endorse everything you state in your advert.

Many months ago I began to feel a twinge in my left knee, I would grab the embrocating cream and rub it in, until one day, going upstairs I felt a really strong pain and had to pull myself up. This continued each time I went up or down stairs. I was worried as two or three of my friends had to have a knee operation, and I didn’t want that.

Then one day I spotted your advert for Copper Heelers. Having tried various creams and lotions and taken Glucosamine supplements all to no avail I decided to give Copper Heelers a try and lo and behold they worked!

After a few weeks I sent for a second pair to keep permanently in my slippers, and I can honestly state I have not had any pain since I started using them.

I also had a slight swelling on my knuckle, it looked like water under the skin and it ached, suddenly that has gone too.

I send you my most sincere and grateful thanks, and I will sing your praises to all my friends.

Mrs. A.C. Kent.